Archived Issues of HopeNotes

We began archiving April 2008 when we started this blog and sending out the newsletter on a weekly basis.


HopeNotes #35: Reconnecting With You
HopeNotes #36: Great Christian Financial Resources
HopeNotes #37: Can Illness Be a … Blessing?
HopeNotes #38: Tired of Planning Dinner?
HopeNotes #39: Find Docs That Don’t Accept Perks

HopeNotes #40: Vacationing on a Budget
HopeNotes #41: Prayer for TV Show
HopeNotes #42: Need to Hear, “I’m Proud of You!”?
HopeNotes #43: New Radio Program by Pastor in Chronic Pain
HopeNotes #44: Got Shoes? (That’s Don’t Fit?)
HopeNotes #45: Invisible Illness Week Theme Announced
HopeNotes #46: Coupon Sites and Why We Want Your Junk Mail
HopeNotes #47: A Movie You Shouldn’t Miss
HopeNotes #48: Hope for Wobbly Feet
HopeNotes #49: Invisible Illness Week Campaign Going Strong
HopeNotes #50: Fast Facts About Generic Drugs
HopeNotes #51: What’s the Best Medication for Your Dollar?
HopeNotes #52: When to Be Honest with Your Doc
HopeNotes #53: Update from Lisa
HopeNotes #54: What do You Believe?


HopeNotes #55: Hope Endures Radio Show Starting!
HopeNotes #56: How to Pray in the Midst of Financial Catastrophe
HopeNotes #57: A Checklist to Starting a Support Group

HopeNotes #58: Thursday’s Podcast is About Support Groups

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